How To Get Your Ex Back Without Making Stupid Mistakes

If you’re reading this article then I bet you want to know how to get your ex back more than anything right now. I understand the desperation, because I’ve been there myself. I went about things all the wrong way, but I’m here to tell you how to do it right, if you’re sure to listen and follow my advice properly.

1) Give Him the Space He Needs

Firstly, you’re going to have to realise that giving him space just after the breakup is very important. I know you miss him and you want to talk to him, but don’t. Stop emailing, phoning, texting, everything. Why? Because you’re emotional and you might cry, you might shout, you might get desperate – none of this is attractive to him.

2) Work On Yourself

While you’re giving him space it’s time to really focus on you and what you’re doing in your life. You’re probably putting so much energy on him that it’s easy to forget who you were before you broke up. You can still be the person that he fell in love with. You shouldn’t change from who you really are, but reflect on whether there’s anything you could put right about yourself to get things back on track.

3) Knowing When to Get in Touch Again

When you get in touch again you should now be more in control of your emotions. Only contact him when you feel that you are. Don’t be forceful or expect anything from him. Just be friendly and ask how he is. Meet up and just act like friends, and try to avoid talk of the breakup at all costs.

4) Listen to His Needs

Now when you’re chatting you’ll get the perfect chance to listen to his needs and to understand what he really wants. Everyone breaks up for different reasons, but the chances are that he just thought the problems in your relationship were too bad to fix.

If you find out what he thinks, then this is your chance to put things right again.
If you really want to know how to get your ex back then it’s important not to rush the process. You need to make sure that he stays interested in you – but if you keep begging him to take you back then he’ll lose interest completely! Just take your time and you can get back together again.

Get My Man Back is written by someone who’s been there and made all of the mistakes so you don’t need to. If you’re feeling desperate after losing him, check out Getting Back Together for advice that will make things right again.