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HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 06:43:59 GMT Server: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/5.4.16 X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.16 Connection: close Transfer-Encoding: chunked Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 20af Partly because the more I thought upon it, the less I could reasonably say was. by Dana 7. ”____~” Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. 3 Idiots And A Baby - Avengers X Child Reader. Pathetic. Answer: Jotaro x Reader:. Kujo Jotaro. Just when he thinks it’s all waste, a call from one of his former Crusaders will change his life forever. Baby, I’m Yours Pairing: Ej Caswell x Reader Warnings: None A/n: We back with another aHa. 03 Sep 2020 . You were the one who was more likely to be more stern with them, and the one who delt punishments out more often. It was an infant. You do love your baby, but Thor loves them more. But a baby was a new start, you could raise them right, raise them sweet and they’d be something for you. May 27, 2019 · Hisoka x Reader NSFW Originally posted by hi-haikyuu Hisoka was an extremely talented individual possessing both unparalleled physical prowess as well as the intelligence necessary to make him a real threat to anyone and everyone who dared cross his path. 20 Jun 2020 . he spends as much time as he could with her not wanting to miss out . Pairing: Todoroki x Reader Genre: Angst Summary: You’re getting married in two days and drunk Todoroki has something he needs to say. The atmosphere in the family meeting was tense. This story follows the events of Golden Wind; Jotaro Kujo is desperate to bring his life back together after he loses just about everything. Josuke is a chill guy in terms of romance, hell, he won’t even hold his s/o’s hand if they don’t want to do it yet. Aug 12, 2016 · She dropped her hands from his face and laced her fingers with his. 156 notes. Him calling you “darling, baby or princess” would be out of his character. D. 01 Jul 2017 . Alternate Universe - No Powers. Summary: Steve Rogers seeks out his ex-teammate (and ex-fiancée) as he tries to gather the team in order to reverse Thanos’s actions, but she isn’t happy to see him. he left you for his empire and now. She accidently tags along in their adventures. 21. His fatigue must have desensitised his ability of perception, but the voice without a doubt belonged to Kakyoin. 185 notes. Jotaro x Shy yet tough! Reader-Jotaro is a very stoic person. Word Count: 3. He pulled his cap down to where it was covering his face. you don't want your dear friend kakyoin to get hurt, right? image. Request: You only wrote one sister! shelby fic and I’m in love with it can i request a sister shelby and isaiah imagine . May 16, 2014 · Brick x Baby!Reader. He followed you, eager to get his tool back. The baby gave a little kick, causing the both of you to . RE5 Chris looks like Donkey Kong and I . word count: 1. haikyuu haikyuu angst haikyuu fluff tendou satori tendou fluff tendou angst tendou imagine tendou x reader 544 notes Oct 7, 2020 Apr 18, 2019 · Summary: A multi-chapter Got x Reader series. Curls to the max, yo. -the day his baby girl was born Levi swore he’d do whatever it took to protect her. DIO Reader x Date a Live by THEWORLDTOKIWOTOMARE. comforting insecure s/o. You picked a strand of (h/c) hair away from a cut on your cheek. Saying things like . a strand of hair was fluttering by your nose, your breathing fanning it. (Basically all based around Bruce’s daughter and son Sammy and Nicky, self contained one shots of them interacting with different Avengers so you can read any one without confusion. Along the way she helps Loki. The biggest issue was the boyfriend in question's daughter: you. OH HELL YEAH!!! i didnt know if you wanted an x reader so heres some general soft headcanons —-Speedwagon - His hair is wicked soft. Share. A/N: This is based on this Stray Kids Drabble Game and @quxxn-things requested numbers 3: “Wanna bet?”; 18: “I need you to pretend we’re dating…” and 24: “I found it”. May 13, 2020 - Read Jotaro Kujo(3,4,6) x Reader: The Aquarius Trio from the story JJBA: For The Reader's Pleasure by AmandaSephrina (Sephrina Spade) with 2,350 reads. jotaro with a s/o who starts to develop similar habits to him. This was so cute to write, hope you like it! ️. 04 Mar 2019 . Mar 20, 2021. Like, wicked mad soft. -little Luna was such an adorable cherub. ”____~” Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. Enrico Pucci . He grabbed onto your arm and held you back. I’m Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader. He doesn’t mind taking things slow, and, even though he’s the romantic type, Josuke would understand it if it was too much and try to cool it down. Mar 10, 2021 · a little pop and crackle could be heard but you kept on talking, knowing that if you pointed it out, he’d only get embarrassed. yandere yandere x reader yandere x you yandere jojo's bizarre adventure . Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Jotaro Kujo x Reader ~Cuts and Confessions~ (It's short. If sister!reader fidgets and Jotaro asks why, the answer scares him. 11 Jul 2020 . Jotaro had jumped out of the car with you. 19 Jan 2020 . || What would happen if you got stuck on a trip with a pack full of hot, reckless boys that also happened to be stand users? Jotaro X Reader. Kujo Jotaro/Reader; Dio Brando/Reader; Kujo Jotaro/Reader/Dio Brando; Diego Kujo/Reader; hello darkness my old friend - Character; kind of jotaro x reader x dio ???? but not really????? idk you'll understand if you read the shit; just a big ball of shit; Summary Forty Eight Vento Aureo Jjba X Reader Jojos Bizarre Adventure X Reader Jjba Golden Wind Jjba Reader Insert. A baby girl that was left beneath a bench in Central Park. Baby Come Home - Dallas Winston x Reader Chapter 2: A Plan Chapter 1 - Enough The twenty-minute walk was long enough for you to start second-guessing yourself. “Don’t touch me!” you shouted yanking your arm back, leaving the common room. His marriage. he was named after steven hyde from That 70’s Show, which is the reason i often call him by his last name rather than his first. Sure, you were falling to your death but his eyes, it had occurred . The reader is also a stand . He was initially a troublemaking and rough delinquent who had lead quite a normal life until the prime antagonist, and Joseph Joestar family's arch-nemesis, DIO returns. #jjba #jjba x reader #jojo x reader #jotaro kujo x reader #jotaro x reader More you might like. "You have to catch me first!" you laughed off as you took off in the direction of your house. bakugou turns to look at your sleeping face. Pillarmen x Reader. L. He deserves better though. His gaze finds yours and he reaches across the silk sheets to tangle his fingers with yours. 12 Apr 2020 . Anonymous said: I need child au for La Squadra please let me hold child . Jotaro Kujo x Short!Fem!ReaderType: Fluff Reader: Fem!Short Title: Jealousy Y/n's POV I woke up next to my boyfriend Jotaro. @fonulyn wanted me to draw baby . Ryuji Sakamoto x reader 5. Have yourselves a nice little . “What is it Tooru? You’re distracting me. It’s super bouncy. Note: This is the sequel to The Rain this will be taking place during Thor: Ragnarok two months after the fight I know that’s not the real time line but bare with me. Stand fight gone weird. as soon as Izuku saw you his face lit up and he held his arms out to you. Apr 13, 2020 · Originally posted by anime-angel-lover. May 16, 2017 · Baby Barnes - Bucky Barnes x Reader. jotaro x reader prompts angst jotaro kujo x . ”. Personality. HC on Levi’s Baby Crying Whenever He Leaves. A/N: This chapter was a long time coming. 05 May 2020 . Baby Fever - Bucky Barnes x Reader Request: bucky x fem!reader fic where reader sees bucky with sam’s nephews and she REALLYYYY wants to have a baby with him in the future? A/N: ohmygosh, I loved writing this so much. . STARTED FEBURARY, 2021 VENTO AUREO/READER. Stepbrother!Jotaro . ” you yawned as you tried your best to stay awake. 𝔻𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕕|| Jotaro x Reader|| Stardust Crusaders Fanfiction || 𝙸 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞. Word count: 882. He’s like a little baby. Jotaro Kujo is a recurring Jojo character in the Japanese anime series 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' appearing in Parts Four to Six, famously appearing in 'Stardust Crusaders'. 2074 3K 301 20 Y/N is actually one of the last Hamon users in the world. -Joseph set a curfew for all the crusaders to make sure no one goes missing, so Jotaro's kind of annoyed that he has to . "MOM!" Jotaro yelled, He brought you to his room, and enveloped you in a cuddle. i would consume the earth if only to be rid of you. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazily had gotten out of bed to . I’m Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader. Jotaro from pt 4 with a s/o that tries to escape from him in the middle of the night with their baby? . Kakyoin Noriaki. Small s/o trying to carry him. Kishibe Rohan/Reader; Kujo Jotaro/Reader; Higashikata Josuke (JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable)/Reader . Well. summary: Sequel to ‘The Rain’. if you can even call him a man. Jotaro grabbed your hand and led you to his room, "Don't be doing anything too naughty now boys!" She said, you could hear the smile. you didn’t know how to react when Mirio showed up at your door with a tiny baby Izuku in his arms. ”. 𝙸 𝙳𝙴𝚂𝙸𝚁𝙴 𝚢𝚘𝚞. ” you yawned as you tried your best to stay awake. I. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader One Shots and HCs thusspokeshan. Words: 435. Hide Creator's Style. Request is open! Akira Fudo does not belong to me! Devilman Crybaby is not mine. Reader meets Thor, Bruce, and Loki. A/N: i’m kinda obsessed with the whole secret relationship trope so here ya go. ” she offered a smile and he grinned. Narancia has even called you dad once, which was a bit unnerving, "Bruno is the only one who gets to call me daddy~" "OH MY GOD, . Goro Akechi x reader 4. “What is it Tooru? You’re distracting me. You wished that stupid stand user wasn't so strong. Affectionate and playful s/o being the complete opposite when fighting. ) Nail Polish - Avengers X Child Reader. Izuku Midoriya. Shizuka is a baby girl. Warnings: Swearing, that’s about it. JoJo: 5 Fairy Tail Characters Jotaro Kujo Can Defeat (& 5 He Stands No Chance Against) With his melee stand, Star Platinum, Jotaro Kujo could take on many of the wizards in Fairy Tailーbut a few of these wizards are too tough for him. “Baby steps. Tutus And Donuts - Uncle Tony Stark X Child Reader. Summary. -When he first saw that you were shy, he didn’t actually mind too much. E. He was on his way to the new S. hp draco x reader draco malfoy draco malfoy . Description: You feel like you’re getting fat from your pregnancy and Luke reassures you. "Yeah," Jotaro said quietly, Just a teaser for a lemon I'm writing between Star and Jotaro These are the only clean enough parts to post lol I won't be able to post it on dA for obvious reasons, but I'll post it on GOTVG when I'm done with it ^^ But goddamn, I'm at 4 full pages and just now getting to Star T-T It's going to be a long ass story, but it's SO much fun to write! Josuke and Jotaro reacting to asexual s/o: Josuke. Warnings: violence, swearing, smut. But just as jotaro had killed dio. Last time you two talked about it your answer was an unmistakable no and he doesn’t take that kind of negative attitude from anybody, including his girl. you had never seen such a happy look cross your daughter's face. Or so he likes to believe… You are reading a book in front of the fireplace, sitting on the soft rug and leaning your back against the couch. [Jotaro X Reader X Star Platinum] Language: English Words: 5,264 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 23 Kudos: 1057 Bookmarks: 111 Hits: 31403; Filters Filter results: Submit Sort by Jotaro is a vampire, has been one for thousands of years and happens to stumble upon the reader in a dark abandoned alley who he thinks is dead from what he can most obvious tell is a vampire attack. She was born in Mexico and met Joseph Joestar. A smol baby Jolyne doesn't want to sleep because she misses her dad. Baby on set//Drew Starkey x reader. Thank you for such nice feedback, hearing you guys like the last one was encouraging! Creds to Gif owner! ───. They come with a price, though. She wears a range of soft, light baby clothing, including a small, bobbled knit cap, and large, dark glasses (designed to hide her invisible eyes). Thor would laugh and get up and hug you tightly. read the sequel here! words: 1. Jun 28, 2016 · Reader) Nick Fury stared down at the bundle in his arms. “How is my queen and my prince. Don’t you understand that I just want to love you? To protect you. REQUEST: Hi can I request Jotaro and Kakyoin x reader who is scared of the dark? She often sleeps with a lamp on but one night there’s a power outage in one of the hotels and she knocks on their door to ask to stay with them . :3 just some fluff. And Baby Makes Four (Sam x Dean x Reader) Original Request: Hi! Would you please do a Fic where the reader was a former Hunter, but is currently 9 months pregnant with Dean’s baby? Luke Alvez x Reader: Baby Weight. -you, a veterinarian and Jotaro, a marine biologist? you best . Jataro yelled as he tried to reach for it. He suffered through the stares of those beneath him. Sorry this one is so short, I hope you enjoy it regardless!Though you would hate to admit it, if Bruno was the mom of the group you were the dad. Everyone x reader kinda. Keeps him warm. Sacrificial Strength - A Jotaro Kujo x Reader by cherryhead . 9k Summary: as much as you loved him, you couldn’t tell bucky about your son. 2k. “soo… the mission didn’t go as planned”. So instead, he would call you by your name even if he is in one of his romantic moods. I hope you like it ♥. Add to library 62 Discussion 9. The redhead was finally here next to him, but Jotaro couldn't face him. One of his hands was softly stroking your hair while the other rested lightly on your baby bump. as for his first name, i liked the name jack for a serial killer so i just went with jackson. ( Part 2, Part 3) Rating: T. I'll make a list that I can't write in here. "Your mom is really nice," You said. The Wolf and The SheepMafia Boss!Jotaro Kujo x F!Reader Where you just wanted to help but Jotaro didn’t want to owe anything to anyone WARNINGS: Blood, Violence, Jotaro shooting someone “oh my god i. Maybe you should’ve stayed home where. Full-page index. Jotaro Kujo. . She was so small and precious in his arms that he was almost afraid that he’d hurt her in some way. A fan of Devilman and I just love Akira so much. “Y/N, please. Dec 14, 2017 · Child Reader X Avengers. So this one was a bit tough because it was difficult to imagine the situation. Anonymous said: Can I have some Jotaro headcanons as a big brother? . ♡ Jotaro will not give you any sort of pet name. “just hand him over, i’ll take care of it. I decided to make my own Akira x reader. With a s/o who acts tough but is really bubbly and soft on the inside. They walked off hand in hand down to the dungeons and spent the rest of their Saturday cuddling on the couch in the Slytherin common room. It's . In the universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, stands are the physical manifestation of a person's spirit, and . Aug 23, 2020 · warnings: reader has mild anxiety and a panic attack, the pandemic is discussed info: i’ve not handled the first week back in school all that well and this was the only way i could think about hyping me up for monday. He looked down at the child sitting in his lap. Draco repeated. He’d greet you. H. It's up to Papa Jotaro to calm her down, which she eventually does. hyde was just my favorite character lol. ♡ But if you somehow managed to piss him off, he would call you “woman” instead. agency when he found the child. warnings: curse words, mention of syringe, spiders, and baby making? image. May 20, 2020 · He’s an awkward baby; . Summary : Reader is pregnant with Bucky’s child, and she’s scared shitless of telling him. Warnings: none Anonymous said: Part 3 Jotaro with a dorky s/o who tends to draw comics him in dumb scenarios (like him fighting a dragon with Star Platinum) and whenever he has a tiring day they slide him sticky. 1aa4 The tired teen felt a presence sitting next to him. His family. He didn't want to have to deal with this annoying little . You’d just smile, “We’re doing good. com/free#videoshow Male Reader x Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Oneshot Book . Oct 07, 2020 · You roll your eyes slightly and look around the room and then to the little baby in your arms. Brick sighed, plopping back on the couch. Jun 06, 2021 · heir s i x // ceo bucky barnes x readerWarnings: more awkwardness and angst Words: 1. . The time to face the Night King and his army has arrived. Pairing: Jeongin x reader (y/n) Genre: Fluff. The Joker is . You Look as Tired as I Feel (Kujo Jotaro x Reader) Prompt/Summary: . The soft sunlight is streaming through the tall windows in your bedroom, and you roll towards Gojo’s side of the bed in an attempt to escape the sun. requested?: you know it “Can you do a dad!Drew one where you temporarily moved to NC with him while filming to be together as a family and you take the baby to set one day to see Drew, you’ve got like the baby strapped to your chest and everyone’s fussing over how cute they are then when the baby spots Drew they immediately want him and he has to take . Probably the same one he’s been hunting. I know ಠ_ಠ) You growled in frustration as you looked at your reflection, the deep cuts and bloody nose quite prominent. You can check my masterlist here ♥ Draco stumbled to his feet and ran after you as fast as he could. Download. gojo satoru x reader // fluff. Pairing: Jotaro x Fem!Reader. Mar 18, 2015 · 156 notes. stardus. I wrote little bits here and there, whenever I could find the time, so I really hope it doesn’t feel too disjointed. 6k. 1K 639 38. Originally posted by super-madi16. ^^) but can I have a short(or long) todoroki x reader? Uhhh, I was thinking of Shouto asking his s/o for kisses, being needy, clingy and stuff. Not knowing what to do with the child he took it to work. The reader is also a stand user. Falling for someone traveling with the sdc. Slowly, his eyes drifted shut and sleep slowly began to drift over him. Chapter 1 2. The streets of Singapore were full of life at that time of the day, both tourists and local people milling around and minding their own business. As you turned the corner to your street, you tripped over a square of uneven sidewalk, making you fall on your face. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazily had gotten out of bed to . Somehow, your little family looked a little more complete than it had been before. ”. on the way home, you fell asleep in the passenger seat. He found it annoying from time to time when you didn’t want to talk to others due to your shyness. 05 Mar 2018 . Turns out, you have a little more of a connection with the devious killer other than the fact that you want to kill him. 3k “baby, what’s wrong?” your boyfriend sounds as tired as you feel. Gojo’s already on the phone when you wake up. You ignored the stares of everyone passing by you in the hallway as Draco frantically kept chasing after you. this takes place around part . Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader. Gotta keep it lookin nice, y'know? - The man sleeps curled up. I'm so sorry everyone 3. He takes it upon himself to act like he doesn’t care about anything. Pairing: Jotaro Kujo x fem!reader x Kakyoin Noriaki. You were sprawled out on the couch, head resting on Luke’s lap. ”. Ka kyoin. now you guys got me wanting to make a Baby Barnes series. 09 Mar 2021 . However, it was sadly interrupted as the wail of a baby girl reached his hyper sensitive ears. Jotaro x Reader: The Last Hamon Us. Her face is made visible only when covered by makeup, upon which Joseph and Josuke agree that she is cute. Sep 18, 2020 · Pairing: All for One x Reader Quote: Pretty baby. . Jotaro Kujo x Child reader(Just like daddy). This is part of some sort of a serie I write, where the reader is afraid to say she’s pregnant to her s/o basically. First thought to be an enemy and a follower of Dio's, you found yourself to be someone who joined with a group that is chasing the tail of that man all the way in Egypt. Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp. Dio and jotaro were fighting each other in Egypt. The Joker really wants a baby and doesn’t know how to approach the subject. “Baby steps. #my writing #jotaro kujo #jotaro x reader #part 4 jotaro #jotaro imagine #jjba imagine #jjba x reader #jojo x reader #jojo imagine #i hope you liked it! its supposed to be like two years before he rolls into morioh i guess #but jolyne does not exist sorry to her lol See a recent post on Tumblr from @za-yandere-warudo about kakyoin-x-reader. Jackson Rose Hyde. Discover more posts about kakyoin-x-reader. 23 Jun 2020 . You were among them, walking distractedly and taking your time in watching the many street vendors and the cute trinkets they . Inspo: This Tiktok by avoeia Word count: 1,985 Tags: @yuki-osaki @liviitehe @iamsoftsodonttoucheume-blog a/n: Oh boy, hold onto your butts and grab some tissues, I’ve written myself deeper into my depression with this one. He only hoped one day he could be able to look at you in the face and beg for your forgiveness. Isaiah Jesus x Shelby! sister reader. Shizuka is a baby of average temperament. (and you don’t have to do this so soon! Only do it if you have spare time. Aug 26, 2020 · Hello! I’m back with commission! I hope I don’t have much typo in this one, so here is the new one with a few changes! I hope one option will catch your attention, if not I would like to wish a nice day anyway! Jun 17, 2019 · thank you for the love ️. His friends. giorno giovanna x reader giorno giovanna jotaro kujo jotaro x reader jotaro kujo x reader josuke higashitaka x reader josuke x . 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞. Pairing: Todoroki x Reader Anon asked: “Hey! I know you’re really busy rn and I couldn’t bring myself to ask you directly. Feb 16, 2021 · Baby Fever - Owen Joyner x Reader JATP masterlist Warnings: swearing, discussion of reproduction, a child (no-) Words: 2502 Summary: You and Owen spend a day at the zoo babysitting Baby Shada, and her. Personally I didn’t like this one that much. rose I felt was a pretty middle name to contradict his violent, masculine character. Here’s the one for Cap’ : Baby Rogers, for Wolverine : Baby Logan, and for Batman : Baby Wayne. Word: Stockholm Warnings: Incest, kidnapping, manipulation, slight infantilization, pregnancy mention, yandere Note: Sorry this is a little short, but I hope you still like it! This will be elaborated on during my All for One . jojo's bizzare adventure diamond is unbreakable jjba x reader. 0