How To Get A Second Date: Dress Appropriately On Your First Date

Getting ready for a date is an art form. You will probably spend a good bit of time in preparation, deciding on the right outfit, and then grooming yourself. Be careful not to make mistakes with your clothing choices. The wrong choice of outfit can derail a date despite all of your other efforts.

The clothes we wear tell other people about us, what we are about and who we are. Rightly or wrongly, our clothes seem like clues regarding our personalities and tastes. It makes sense to use this to our advantage. If we consider our clothes from this perspective, we can choose the message we want to send and plan our outfit accordingly.

Some serious fashion faux pas to avoid on dates include:

1. Over-glitziness: You should not stand out like a neon sign. If your outfit is too over the top, too shiny and sparkly and trendy, you’ll want to tone things down.

2. Precious clothing: You want to put forward a youthful but adult, and classy, demeanor. Avoid anything that is fluffy and frilly and overly cutesy.

3. Tomboy clothes: You will want to play up your femininity on a date. Now is not the time to slip into your overalls, your boyfriend jeans, or your basketball shorts.
A man who is out on a date with you asked you on a date in part because you are female. Doing your best to look like one of the guys is a mistake.

4. Visible undergarments: No matter what you are wearing on top, your underthings should not show in polite company. If your bra shows through a tee, or the top of panties show over the waistband of pants, change clothing. Perhaps your date will be seeing these undergarments privately eventually. Still, this should be a private matter. Showing undergarments to anyone who glances your way sends the message that you are not such a private person.

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